The Power of a Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are an effective way to persuade others to learn more about your organization. Sure, you can tell them all you want about your own organization, but it really makes their ears perk up when they hear it from other people. The strongest endorsement you have for your organization is a happy member. Capture their story on film to give potential new members a hands-on look at your organization.

We'll Set the Scene

There's more that goes into a testimonial video than setting a camera in front of someone. From the lighting to the music, to the room setting, testimonial videos work best with a relaxed setting that matches the customer's story. While their genuine story is what we ultimately want to capture, we also provide guidance and dig deeper into questions to broaden the story to get the whole perspective. Our team at Sleight Advertising knows how to set the scene and capture the full story.