The Art of Persuasion Through Website Copywriting

Your website copy isn't just about explaining your products or services, it's your chance to convince potential customers why they need to use your business over your competitors. As people are in their research phase, they visit a lot of different websites before they make their decision. How do you make yours stand out against the rest? Aside from attractive design, it's copywriting. There’s a fine line of not providing too much info to overwhelm your customer, but providing enough info for them to learn about your business and intrigue them to take action. At Sleight, we know how to incorporate the perfect balance.

Don't Forget About SEO

Writing enticing copy to persuade your audience is only part of it, and writing for SEO is a whole other part. As users are searching online for products or services that you offer, it is vital that your business appears in the first few results of Google's listings. The copy on your website, among other things, is a big factor for how you rank on Google. Our skilled copywriters know how to combine the art of persuasion to keep your customers interested, along with the strategies of SEO to get you high search rankings.