Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Mobile First and Mobile Responsive?

While Mobile First and Mobile Responsive sound the same, they are designed and built in vastly different ways. With Mobile First Design, we initially design with mobile users in mind first vs Responsive design which focuses on the desktop version and trying to scale down. Mobile First is faster and fits every screen perfectly, in comparison to Responsive, is slower since it tries to fit everything. You can read more about each one: Mobile First | Mobile Responsive 

So, what's the difference between Mobile First and AMP?

Mobile First is designed with Mobile devices in mind...first, not only is it a design concept, but it is also a development framework type. AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP pages are directly loaded from Google servers which have stripped out extraneous code, making AMP sites load in under 1 second. Our Mobile First sites are built with AMP. What a bonus! Sleight is one of the early adopters of the AMP technology in the country.

Why build websites on WordPress?

We build most of our websites on WordPress because the framework is flexible and easily modifiable. We also find that it is an easy Content Management System (CMS) for our clients to edit their sites versus other platforms. WordPress also frequently updates its framework and plugins.

How much does a website cost?

Our website quotes are completely custom for the client and the type of website, the amount of pages that are on the site, the amount of copy we are writing/editing/proofing, and the amount of custom elements and designs. We work with each of our clients on the best strategy for their budget. 

How long does it take for a website to be completed?

Just like variable factors when it comes to pricing a site, timeframes for websites vary greatly. How big it is the site? How many custom designs? Custom images? How much are we writing? And more. We are always making our clients aware of our timelines, their deadlines, and any other factors that are needed. 

Can I have a unique website?

At Sleight, we customize all of our sites. Our more affordable business pro sites are built using a template, however, we handpick each image. Our other websites are fully designed from the ground up, based on the client’s brand and they are always approved by the client at each step of the process. 

Are load times that important?

Low load times are extremely important not only Google but to your users. The longer your site takes to load, the higher your bounce rates will be. Load time is important to Google and fast load times help your online rankings. Find out more about the websites we design.

Why invest in a new website?

Does your site have high bounce rates? Are you losing leads? Had a dip in traffic? While there are many factors that affect your search engine rank, often times it's having an ineffective website. Information could be hard for your users to get to, your site could be too slow, or unappealing. We can fix all these problems by building an up-to-date site which keeps everyone happy: search engines, potential customer, and you!

Why it is important to have a secure website hosting?

With our hosting, we make sure to provide security updates so your website stays safe. We also back-up your site daily, provided regular virus scans, and even offer maintenance packages for content changes.