What Makes WordPress So Attractive?

What Makes WordPress So Attractive?


WordPress is an attractive platform for web publishers. And rightly so. Learn why it makes the best choice for your website.

No doubt you’ve heard the term “WordPress” bandied about by folks in the marketing and online worlds. Since starting in the early 2000s, WordPress has grown to become the preferred platform for web publishers and bloggers alike.

A Good-Looking, Responsive Website Keeps Visitors Longer

All digital marketing efforts (and most others) begin and end at your website. Your website should be the first thought in digital marketing, and all other efforts should lead back to it. Its job is to gain the attention of prospects long enough so they learn how you solve their problem. In that vein, WordPress offers a huge selection of templates, and most are created with a positive user experience in mind. And many WordPress templates receive constant updating to retain a modern functionality.

Many templates are also responsive, which means that a WordPress website responds well to whatever device is trying to load it. So, no matter if your website loads on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it resolves to fit the screen, enhancing the user’s experience. There’s no hassle with creating separate designs for each format. When your website looks great on any device, you’ll keep your visitors around longer.

Customize, Customize, Customize

Many WordPress templates are customizable, so if you like a certain theme but aren’t so hot on the basic color scheme, layout, or photographs, they can be changed to what you prefer. Companies that want to use their own colors and photos of their business love this aspect of WordPress. And customizing is easy, with little or no coding required (but if we do your website, we handle all that for you). Also, WordPress features plug-ins aplenty (over 40,000 of them), so you can add the functionality you want. Available plug-ins range from affiliate shops, e-commerce, photo galleries, and more.


WordPress loves search engines. And search engines love WordPress. WordPress was built around optimization and making sites much easier to find and spider by search engine bots. There are also additional plug-ins that aid SEO. These can help you determine if a page’s content, titles, images, keywords, tags and meta data are properly optimized. Yoast is probably the best-known and widely used. Other helpful WordPress plugins that aid SEO are link checkers. Link checkers alert you of broken links so you can correct or remove them. Link checkers can also audit links and tell you which ones are hurting you rather than helping.

A Strong Community Driven to Excellence

WordPress has long encouraged contribution to its online community and help boards by users and developers. Because of this, the developer community has extreme loyalty to WordPress. Over the years, the vast number of WordPress community members have continually worked to improve the platform. The constant stream of additions and updates for themes and plugins means, at least for the foreseeable future, WordPress will remain the leader in publishing for the web.

If you’ve been advised to shift your website to WordPress, heed that advice. If you do, you set yourself up for success. Just be sure to have someone always ready to help you and that can ensure you get the most out of what WordPress offers.