Why is Approval Important to Our Process?

Why is Approval Important to Our Process?


In a previous blog series, The SA Web Process, we talked about the many steps it takes to make a new website, from the initial meeting, to building it out, to completion.

To give you a brief overview: we like to give our clients a clear idea of what we do on the sites we build. We also make sure our clients approve every stage of the site.

While this can seem redundant, it is a very important part of the web designing process. Not only does this ensure we are designing a site that is exactly what the client wants, step-by-step, but it also helps the designer manage their time.

So, what’s with all of the approvals?

When we reach out for approval, we are giving our clients any last chance to make changes to a design. Because of the arduous task of coding and creating elements, it is important to us to button everything up before we move on to the next steps.

A big challenge in creating a great website is getting those step-by-step approvals from clients.

Many times, clients simply may not understand the details when in comes to web design, and the time it takes to create a functioning and great looking site. Small things are overlooked by a client and realized later in the site creation process.

Sometimes that “small” change to the client is a huge 10-hour task for us, or it is out of the scope of the initial project (Example: A client suddenly wants to sell items on the site, but the designer was initially told it was not an e-commerce site.)

While we can incorporate most changes, they do come at a cost.

So, when we seek approval, it is to be sure the details are worked out to the client’s initial vision, each step of the way, to avoid any unnecessary time constraints or unwanted plans.

We try to accommodate as much as possible, but there are always ways to compromise in order to make an outstanding website, and be mindful of both the client’s wants and needs, as well as the web designer’s time.

Ultimately, we want to make both our amazing clients and our wonderful staff happy with the end product.