Writing with Vision

Writing with Vision


As the writer for Sleight Advertising, I got to interview myself for some wordy insight, and answer a few commonly asked questions about copywriting.


Stephanie Goraczkowski, Copywriter & Producer

Job Essentials: MacBook Pro, a well-curated Spotify playlist, post-it notes, an eye for proofreading


What is a typical day in the life of a copywriter? 

Well, there’s a lot of writing, obviously. But, there’s also a lot of brainstorming and idea sharing with our creative team, and that helps feed the creative mind when it comes to a project we’re working on.

What are your favorite things to write about?

I think that would have to be narrowed down to what types of writing I do. At work, I enjoy script writing. I’m also a huge grammar nerd, so proofreading has become second nature to me. I have the responsibility of proof reading projects and collateral before we send them off to the client.

At home, I write about brunch, because, well… food. I mean, who doesn’t like food, right? So, really it is two different worlds and two different genres of writing.

How does writing for advertising differ from personal writing?

Advertising is a very direct, mandated form of writing. You often have to time things perfect to fit within the guidelines of a TV spot, or a video. There’s a lot of editing that goes into scripts, because you want to say all of the things you need to say, but within time constraints, and without rambling. Personal writing is obviously a bit more fluid. You can write whatever you want, and whatever length you want. You can breach a million different topics, or create a novel. However, that’s not to say one form is more creative than the other. They both command their own set of creative rules.

Is writing a solo career, or do you work as a team?

It’s a little of both. Bouncing ideas off of each other is important at our agency. I think a lot of great ideas come from a blending of suggestions that could’ve been mentioned by a collective of people. Our creative team is very talented and a really wonderful asset and inspiration. Sometimes when you meld ideas together, something great happens. When it comes down to the actual writing part, it’s mostly me flying solo to put those ideas together. Then, I get input from the rest of the team and the client to see if our vision has become a reality.